Nicole Nabors – Mommies sacred seed HD 1080p

Your mom is a very religious woman and she comes into tuck you into bed so you can get up bright and early for church in the morning. She comes back later that night to give you some socks for church but finds you masturbating!?? She’s shocked and disappointed!! This is a sin! Son you know better than this! You’re only supposed to put your seed inside of a woman. You’re about to cum, she sternly tells you no but it’s too late, she rushes to put your penis in her mouth to keep you from spilling your seed. She cleans up every drop, even some spilt on the floor. She talks to the priest the next day and tells her it’s okay if you put your seed inside of your mom instead of masturbating. After all she is your mother… One thing after another mommies pregnant from your seed.

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