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Script; I am playing the mother role :
I want you to give me a joi about how hot my mom is. Start off like “hi matthew I want you to do something naughty for me today. I wont you to stroke your cock to that sexy mother of yours. I already know you want to.” I want you to tell me to jerk to her pics. Tell me to pull up the pic of her in her leopard print yoga pants or the one in her skin tight jeans looking back at the camera. Talk about how nice her ass is, how pretty she is ,how pretty her eyes are, how I love her lips, how her thighs are amazing and how great her body is. I think shes perfect. Ask me if i got a crush on my mommy and if i think my mommy is pretty. Talk about how I steal her dirty panties, smell them, jerk my dick with them, and cum in them. Talk about how much I love her and she loves me. Tell me I’m a mommy’s boy alot. Make me say I love you mommy, I want to fuck my mom, and stuff like that over and over. Make me stare into her eyes as I’m stroking. Talk about how I want her to catch me doing this. Talk about how she was the first thing I ever jerked off too. Talk about how hard I get for her and how my cock throbs for her. Talk about how when I’ve had sex with other women I close my eyes and imagine her so I can finish. Also if you could use my name alot, matthew, that would be awesome. Say like are you a mommy’s boy matthew? Do you wanna fuck your mommy matthew? Make me say things louder and louder so maybe she might hear. Tell me i should get her panties if I can and leave my door open in case she walks past. I think she smells so good. Just very sensual and taboo stuff like that. You are the best at it. Talk about how i would love to take her on a date and then bring her home and make love to her. Kiss her soft pouty lips and stare into her eyes as im on top of her. When it’s the end Tell me to stare into her eyes as I cum and say I love you mommy as I cum. Just every minute or 2 remind me to look at that pic of your mother, keep stroking to her. And if you could wear a sexy black dress or leopard printed bra and panties during this i would love that. You are playing my mother . You are just playing you and telling me to do all of this please. Thank you!!

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