Miss Malorie Switch – Mommy’s Need

*Use of taboo trigger word, slowburn with voyeurism mixed in*

You walk in on your mother talking with your father on the phone, they are arguing. You watch, and when she catches you, she hangs up and tells you it’s nothing and to run to the store for groceries. You’re leaving for college soon, and with the current situation, she needs your help more than ever. When you come back, you catch your mom masturbating on the couch. You watch until she catches you. She is shocked and apologizes, but quickly tries to brush it off. She goes to finish herself in the shower, and you can’t help but listen. This happens more, as she receives different packages for toys, running away to her bedroom to “pack Christmas gifts”. You creep up, peeking on your own mother touching her pussy, fucking it furiously with her new toys, frustrated each time, as it isn’t the same as her husband… soon to be ex husband. She catches you watching, and she has a couple talks with you, a heart to heart. She is divorcing your father, and you can’t help but feel bad for her.. She needs more, and as she apologizes, you reassure her it’s okay… She goes about her day, and that night as she is masturbating, she thinks about what you said, and she can’t help it. She runs to you down on the couch, and she takes you, seducing you right there. She needs it, she needs something more, and with you being your father’s son, you definitely have the cock to do it. She needs you, and she takes what she needs… She fucks you right there, riding you until you flood your mother raw with your cum… You know it’s wrong, but you love her, and you love watching her in pleasure, and with your cum, she may not be alone when you leave the house. You want to give your Mommy everything she needs, and more…

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