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*Use of Taboo trigger word* You are going off to college, and your widowed mother is dreading you leaving. She convinces you to skip hanging with your friends for the night and spending time with her instead. You two sit down to watch a movie, and you pick the A24 movie X, where it has full sex scenes shooting pornos. She admits she used to want to be a porn star, but you’re embarrased that she is talking about that. She asks if you ever had sex before, and if she or your dad ever gave you the talk. You admit you’ve never gone that far, and she suggests that maybe she could help you lose it. She pulls back, embarrased, but she reminses on how she hasn’t had sex since your dad passed, and you seem to be hard, feeling closer than ever to your mom. You tell her that you’re okay with her helping, secretly excited to feel your mother like this. She starts to suck your cock, stopping when you get close. She teaches you then to eat her pussy, rubbing her pussy on your mouth until she cums. After, she climbs on top, riding your hard cock, stopping once again when you get close. You ask if you two need a condom, but she says no. She doesn’t mind getting pregnant with you, and although you’re concerned, she tells you she won’t tell anyone. Besides, it may give her another addition in the family to keep her company when you leave. You get on top, fucking her, as she begs you to cum deep inside of her. You fill her up with your taboo creampie, and she fingers it back into her pussy, telling you how much she is going to miss you when you’re gone… KEYWORDS: mommy roleplay, taboo impregnation, creampie, pov sex, family, impregnation fantasy, blowjob, cowgirl, missionary, seduction

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