Miss Malorie Switch – Aunt’s Volitale Visit 4K

**SLOW BURN, use of taboo trigger word, 2 creampies, 1 tit shot, a mix of virtual sex and penetrative POV**

It’s Halloween, almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you and your Aunt both come home for the holidays. With it so crammed in your mom’s house, you and your Aunt have to share a bed. You are relentlessly teased by her not wearing a bra, showing upskirts, accidentally catching her naked and masturbating, and her feeling your morning wood every morning. One night, she has a bit too much, and you put her to bed in her sexy Wonder Woman costume. She wakes up early after, and she catches you stroking right next to her. She finishes you off with her hand, and she starts masturbating before realizing how far this is going. She stops, but continues later that day in the kitchen, sucking you until you cum all over her tits. She tries to avoid it, but she can’t. One night at a family party, you pull her back to the room and take her right there. She is reluctant, but she wants you. You cum deep in her, making her drip the rest of the night. The next day, she avoids you at all costs, trying to put things behind you two and stop giving into the urges. She decides to stay home for the evening, urging you to go out with everyone, but of course you don’t go. You stay, and she can’t contain her feelings anymore. She dresses up in lingerie, stripping for you, telling you that it’s okay to give in now. Everyone is gone, and you know it’s wrong, but… You can’t help it… You and your Aunt gravitate towards each other… You should stop, but… You can’t…

Keywords: movie, auntxnephew, taboo, roleplay, pov sex, virtual sex, creampie, brunette, slowburn

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