Jason’s birthday party was off to a great start but the vibe changed quickly when his mom took her towel off and got in the hot tub with that bikini on. Everyone’s jaw was on the floor. They all liked to give Jason a hard time because his mom is so hot, but now everyone was speechless, and so were you. As the night continued and Jason’s mom returned to the house, you noticed some rumours starting to spread. You heard that a couple of guys had gone inside to “Help Jason’s Mom” with something and had come back with some interesting stories. At that point it was basically understood to everyone except Jason, that she would fuck any guy who came in the house. Since you’re nothing if not a helpful guy, you head into the kitchen to see if you can help Jason’s mom too.

Clip Contains: Jason’s mom has gone totally feral and is fucking literally every single one of his friends at his birthday party. You’re up next. **MILF. Older woman, Younger Man, Big tits, POV**

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