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General setup: 20 minute POV, virtual sex, sister/brother. Backstory: i am your sister and have “hyper sexuality” that has been getting worse but i have hidden it from the family. Due to poor circumstances, the family has had to move into a small apartment and me and you (my brother) have to share a room. Because of this, i often have to masturbate while you are distracted and even while you are in the same room. The thought that you are close and could catch me starts to turn me on more and more. It has gotten to the point that i am always horny and can only cum while i am near you. video: a couple of shorter scenes of me on a couch or bed while you are around and i am “secretly” masturbating and cumming while still interacting with you a bit. the scenes build up a bit so eventually i am not hiding it as well. i am masturbating under a blanket when you realize what i am doing, and pull the blanket away. you looking at what i am doing causes mr to cum immediately and very hard while saying your name (Jesse). After i finish cumming, i finally explain to you about the hypersexuality. you understand and tell me to do what i need to do. So moving forward, i don’t even try and hide it and openly masturbate in front of you. you also start egging me on and saying/doing things to turn me on even if i am around the rest of the family. This starts to upset me but theres nothing i can do about it because i am just getting more horny. Eventually you takes full advantage and start fucking me. at first, i am resistant but can’t stop cumming once you are inside of my so i start begging for it and it ends in a creampie. Once i have come down, i submit to you and tell you that i am yours forever.

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