maggierosexo – POV: Blackmailing Your Best Friend’s Mom

POV: you are my sons best friend & have stopped over at our house when you know my son and husband are away. you don’t waste any time and reveal that you know my secrets: that I, in order to keep my son out of trouble, had sex with one of his teachers and you saw us and have a video to prove it!! i am angry as having to do that was a horrible experience but something i had to do. i am also mad at you for being a pervert and recording it. after a bit of venting, i tell you that now i know you are here for something or you wouldnt have shown up showing this to me… so i ask what you want. you tell me we can start by getting me naked. i am mad and frustrated because i hated having to do it the first time and now its gonna happen again but with my sons best friend who is blackmailing me. i begin to strip telling you that i cant have my son or husband find out about this so i will do it, but i express how frustrated i am. you make a comment that not to worry that we will have a better time than it looked like i was having in the video…. this makes me even more upset and i say of course i wasn’t having a good time … how could i when i was having to fuck some random teacher to keep my son out of trouble like some slut! you tell me that atleast with you i will have orgasms. at first i get upset as this confirms you are blackmailing me into sex but then i get a laugh at the thought that YOU, my sons friend, could ever make me orgam!! in fact, you are probably a virgin and probably dont know how…

THE BET: you tell me that you bet you can get me to orgasm. i grin thinking this may be my way out of all of this.. we agree that we can set some terms and i begin to get a little cocky telling you that i will fuck you and give YOU the time of your life but if YOU cum first you have to delete the video you have of me, never speak of it again… and to make it profitable for me, you have do my yardwork for a full year. you, in return, tell me your demands and i tell you that i am so confident i can make you cum first that if somehow you actually make me cum that yes you can cum on my face and that i will be your free use slut for an entire year to fuck whenever you want.

now i am thinking that i have now gotten control of the situation – i mock you calling you boy & telling you to get undressed and lay on the bed. i begin teasing you by first getting on top and commenting on how theres no going back now that you are inside of my sweet pussy, the race is on…. i do quick flurry of bounces before stopping to jokingly check if you. came telling you that you lasted longer than i expected….i begin riding again with a chuckle telling you that you might be right … that i am actually having fun this time…. i tell you also not to worry that i am on the pill so go ahead cum whenever and that i will know.. i begin dirty talking thinking it will get you to cum faster talking about how it must feel good to have your best friends mom riding your dick in the same bed me and my husband stay… asking if you like my body and like watching my tits bounce as i fuck you. i even mock you a bit and act like i am going to orgasm but stop before laughing telling you theres no way i will ever cum for a little perve like you who is blackmailing me…. i continue to dirty talk to you while riding for a bit , swapping between riding hard and getting right up close to you sensually whispering things to you trying to make you cum. i get so into talking and teasing that i dont realize that i actually have started feeling good and let out a moan which i try to hide it but it happens. i try to play it off but begin feeling less confident and a bit embarrassed trying to play it off telling you it was a yawn because of how bored i am… but its obvious i am lying… at this point, to my fright, you change positions and put me on my back and begin fucking me at a pace i was not expecting. i begin telling you to try all you’d like but i am not cumming…. i can feel it start to build but resist. telling you that i didn’t cum for my sons teacher there is no way i am cumming for a perve like you. i only cum for my husband. my breathing gets heavier and eventually i find myself actively trying to hide unwanted moans. still telling you i am not going to cum, i know i can oulast you as i am a mature woman with self control… i am shocked to find myself now trying hard not to cum telling you that i refuse to do it , having to save myself a couple times. i begin cursing you telling you that i don’t know how you are doing this but but if i do cum i wont do so willingly… i struggle a few moments more before having a massive orgasm…. after, i lay there embarrased teling you that i cant belive that just happened and that i have never cum that hard before admiting defeat telling you that i cant belive i have be your free use slut for a year and have your cum on your face….

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