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POV: you walk into mommy’s room room and she is reading her book sitting in bed. “hey honey, you are home late from work.” you waste no time guiding mommy onto her back and lay on top of her, looking into her eyes. “oh that kind of day, huh? fine. i did agree whenever you wanted, but i’m not on birth control just yet. no! i’m not getting out of our deal…i just didn’t think you wanted it after a long day…just don’t tell anyone my secret. we can try anal for tonight? that’s still sex right? yeah, and i’m still following our deal right? ok but please be faster this time. OK, let me take this off and… ohh no no not yet let me just.. (spits on hand to lube)… ok then let me put this book down and ohh! ohh yeah your soo hard.” you fuck mommy and she is reluctant and partially ignores the missionary fucking, until eventually she seems she’s enjoying this. eventually you cum inside of mommy. “finally now i can get back to my book”

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