London River – Step-Mom’s Concerns PART ONE HD 720p

So, I have been having trouble with my girlfriend. She acts like she wants to get freaky, and do EVERYTHING and then she totally shuts down and says she’s “not sure” ‘Not ready” and then I am the dick for being frustrated. I don’t want her to do it if she doesn’t want to, but, I fucking want her to want to. I’m tired of being blue balled and frustrated and feeling like I’m the jerk.

Then my step-mom comes in to talk to me, she was home the last time my girlfriend was over and heard everything. Fuck! Now I am going to get another lecture. But, step-mom is more worried for me than mad, and she understands how hard it is being my age, and horny all the fucking time. She knows I am good guy and, she wants to help me, and, in a way I never expected. I mean, I shouldn’t admit it, but step-mom is fucking HOT and I know it’s supposed to wrong, but, yeah, I’ve jerked off thinking about her. Well, I guess it’s not that wrong, because now she has her massive tits wrapped around me cock!

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