Korina Kova – Mommy is Stuck HD 1080p

I am about to leave for a job interview because I am trying to rent us a bigger house, we are living on top of each other when I hear a dripping sound, I go to investigate and find that kitchen sink is leaking, upset and in a hurry I go to try and fix it myself when I get my watch stuck in between the pipes, I beg for your help but the space is to small and you can not fit by to help me, in the process of my struggling and you pressed up against me I can fell your boner, you start to pull up my dress claiming that it will help you get a grip on me and pull harder but you get an uncontrollable urge, you pull your cock out and start to stroke to my bare as, I can not see you or what you are doing but I beg for help, you then take your chance and move my panties to the side and slide in mommy’s warm wet pussy, I resist but realize I am helpless, I get an idea to use your cum from the creampie you gave me as lube to help free my wrist

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