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Your late. you’ve been late a few nights in a row now for movie nights, for time we spend together. Mom is a bit annoyed with you, but loves you dearly. She is stern, but soft. Loving but jealous? no… she can’t be… wait.. what is going on.. she’s asking for you to spend more quality time with her, she’s your mom and mom’s cum first. She tells you her backs been hurting shes going to go lay down, to “tired” now for movies… you offer to rub her back, she pulls down the tops of her nightie, exposing her huge perfect natural breasts, you have a difficult time not staring… mom notices… is she coming on to you? Wait.. is her hand on your crotch… what is happening.. before you even can catch up with your thoughts she has your cock in her hand, her tits out, and she is suggesting she take care of your needs, all your needs… the arousal overcomes you and before you know it there is your mom on her knees sucking, stroking… you cum, she swallows your cum… and invites you to her shower…? You can’t help yourself and invite yourself into the bathroom not sure what to do… do you pull back the curtain? fuck your mom? or… and again before you can think mom sees you, she moves the curtain back and teases you with her natural curves inviting you into her shower, stroking, sucking, washing your cock with her massive tits… you can’t resist the urges.. you bend her over and fuck her, she suggests moving things to the bedroom… and you both overwhelmed with pleasure and orgasms enjoy one another in multiple positions until she begs you to fill her pussy full of cum, good boy. You can’t help but want more…

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