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Um, heeeyy? You never come in my room. Sure, you just want to hang out, I totally believe that. No Its cool, I wasn’t doing anything anyways. Okay, but if you are going to be in here don’t touch my feet! You know how ticklish they are. Even if I’m wearing socks. Seriously! How would you like it if I tickled your armpits? I know how ticklish they are. Okay fuck, yeah, mine are too! Stop the tickling! For real, I’ll scream. Mom and Dad will get suspicious. Hey, no fair! Get off, you’re so much stronger than me! You being on top gives you an unfair advantage. Truce, truce, TRUCE! We haven’t had a tickle fight like that in, I can’t remember how long. Was fun, I gueeesss. Umm. You’re still on top of me…and uhh. Are you hard right now? No, it’s fine. Did tickling me really turn you on that much? It kind of did for me too. You brushed against my nipples a lot and they’re extremely sensitive. Do you want to see? I’m down to fuck if you are, since we’re both pretty horny. Just like, slide your cock in my pussy. You’re on top of me anyways.

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