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Female Domination Humiliation Kink Transformation Fantasies Transformation Fetish

I can’t believe you just punched him. He really got what was coming to him. Always bullying me, poking me, just being so annoying. You really are the best boyfriends defending me like that. Oh, ow. It’s my head. It started hurting all of the sudden. I should just lie down, I’ll see you later. *I eventually close my eyes and drift away, but wake up as the bully who has taken over my body* Glad it worked, didn’t know if it was going to. Finally, I can touch these tits all I want. Touch her pussy. Just make her feel good like I’ve always wanted to, but her stupid fucking boyfriend gets in the way. He’s going to regret hitting me like that. I’ll make a fool out of him, just like he did to me only worse. Speak of the bitch — They’re going to the gym? that’ll work, a great place to humiliate and dump him. I’ll make her expose herself at the gym all while humiliating him in the process. I’ll even make her cum. Then once he’s seen me please her in front of everyone, I’ll dump him on the spot. It’s perfect.

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