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I was downstairs first, why the fuck are you here? Leave. You’re so annoying. Fine, I’ll be the bigger person and go upstairs. Don’t follow me. *on the phone with my boyfriend* He’s being ridiculous and following me around the house. Can’t you just come home? I know you’re already at work, but… y’know. You could come home and come into the room and then we could–oh, you’re busy? Okay. Yeah. Love you too… *you record me masturbating and clearly talking about you fucking me.* What the fuck are you doing? Get out! I knew you were a fucking pervert. Fucking recording me. Delete it, now. Oh you’re going to show my boyfriend? Sure. You wouldn’t, you don’t have the balls. OKAY WAIT! Ugh. What do you want? Money? —Fuck no. I’m not taking my clothes off for you. No please don’t send it…fine. Here. Now delete it…Oh my god, put your cock away. I am not doing anything with you. I wasn’t even talking about you. Beg? huh….please. Please, let me….suck your cock. Shove it….in my mouth. —- No more. No! No way! That’s too far. Mouth is one thing, but fucking? I can’t…Don’t, DON’T! This is the last thing. Then delete it. I’m begging…please fuck me. I want…your cock in my pussy.

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