Jane Cane – My Unholy Bonus Mom

My Unholy Bonus Mom – 12:17 My stepson is such a bore. All he ever wants to do is study his bible. He never has Sunday Funday with the fam. I go into his room for the gazillionth time and invite him to brunch with us. He gives me the usual story, he has to finish his scriptures, blah, blah, blah. He even lectures me about being a bad ‘mom’ calling me a temptation. I leave him alone and head out to brunch, but my husband gets a call on the way and is needed at work. I’m so disappointed. Now I have to go home too. I go into my stepson’s bedroom and he’s getting dressed for church. I’m bored and a little mad at my husband, so I decided to play with him. Just a little bit. I can’t stop thinking about him calling me a temptation. I unzip my dress, just to where my red lacy bra is showing. As he stares at my chest, I unzip my dress the rest of the way and spread my legs to show him my lingerie. His cock gets visabilly hard. He can’t go to church like this. I tell him that ‘god’ would not have given him a hard on if he didn’t want him to use it. I begin to stroke his cock. I can see that he likes it. I ask him if he wants to be unholy with me. As he says yes, I put him in my mouth. God would want him to be rewarded with pleasure for all of his good work. I tell him to lie down, then I grab his dick and put him inside me. I fuck my stepson until he tells me he’s going to cum. Then I tell him to put his seed inside of me. Jane Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blowjob, blow job, creampie, cream pie, pov, pov sex, stepmom, roleplay, reality, fantasy, role play, mature, milf

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