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My Stepmom’s Mid-Life Crisis – 12:43 I found my old journal from college. As I’m flipping through the pages, I find my list of all the things I wanted to do before 40. Well, I’m over 40 and haven’t even done a quarter of the things on this list. I’m already over mid-life. Just as I start to panic, my stepson walks in to see what’s wrong. He says he wants to help me conquer this list and we can start today! I can’t believe his enthusiasm, so I start with my number 1 item on the list, skydiving. When he says yes, I can’t believe it. We get back home and our adrenaline is really pumping. I tell him that I want to really party. I was a good girl in college and didn’t go out. Now I want to make up for lost time. When we get home that night, I confess to him that I’ve never had a one night stand with someone I didn’t know. He’s been so fun today, what if I pull his pants down. He lets me put his cock in my mouth. As I’m sucking him, my pussy gets so wet. When he says he wants to put his dick in me, I don’t hesitate to get on my knees and let him fuck me doggystyle. As I get on my back to feel him deeper, I tell him I want him to cum inside me, it feels so dirty! My stepson uses my pussy until he dumps his huge load in my pussy. Jane Cane, Shiny Cock Films, roleplay, fantasy, milf, mature, taboo, step mom, blowjob, blow job, creampie, cream pie, big ass, doggystyle, pov, pov sex, fantasy

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