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Blackmailing My Mom Old School Style – 12:43 I’ve been rummaging around our old storage shed looking for stuff to sell, when I find my mom’s ‘crap from the 80’s’ box. I know she’s been wanting to digitize all of her old VHS tapes, and I don’t have anything better to do, so I decide to finally do it for her as a surprise. But it’s ME who gets the surprise. I found a sex tape!! It’s definitely my mom, but it certainly isn’t my dad fucking her. It’s my uncle! I am shocked!

I bring the tape to my dad’s house to find her home alone. When I tell her what I’ve found, I can tell by the look on her face I can get just about anything I want out of her now. She’s been passing her pussy out to every man in our family, and now it’s my turn. I tell her that she’s going to let me have my turn with her, or I will tell my father. Of course she says yes, she has no other choice! I enjoy her mouth around my big cock until I need more, then I bend her over the couch, rip a hole in her pantyhose, and fuck her pussy until I cum inside of it.

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