I just finished a Yoga class with my personal instructor. He helped me stretch, even though that I found that he was a bit touchy touchy on my body…when I realized that I forgot the money for this week’s class! I was so shy about it! But since he looked into me and touchy, I told him right away that I could pay him other ways! So I started by removing my shirt, my shoes and then my socks. Straight up he started to touch my feet, kissed them, licked them and tickled them. I didn’t know that he was into feet as well. Then, I took off my sports bra and shown him what was under it. Then, I got rid of my yoga leggings and finally my panties. I was completely naked in front of my instructor! I told him that he should ditch his pants as well, so I undressed him and started to suck his cock while apologizing again about forgetting the payment for the class! Sucking his cock kind of turned me on! It was rock hard in my mouth, so I didn’t waste a second, I sat on his dick and started to ride him! I laid down on my back and let him fuck my wet pussy! Then, we went doggy while he was holding and playing with my feet. When, he was close of cumming, he pulled out, grabbed and squeezed my feet together with one hand and gave me his big load all over my soles. Then, he tickled them a little! It was definitely an awesome class finish! I might forget the payment a couple more time again (shy)!

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