I am walking on the sidewalk and am then stopped by a stranger. He grabs at my breasts, I ask why he is doing that and who he is. He then states he has blackmail over me, money related, and wants to fuck the teacher. I tell him not here. So, he pulls me out into the woods to fuck me. He starts groping me, slapping my ass, kissing me. He pulls down my panties and starts fingering me furiously. Then bends me over and fucks me doggy in different angles. Grabbing me by the shoulders to fuck me hard and deep along with squeezing my tits from behind. Then, before we both climax he picks me up, does the stand and carry and cums inside of me! He doesn’t tell me so I am surprised. He takes my panties before leaving me in the woods undressed. There is a lot of dirty talk related to the roleplay and I get to enjoy it more and more as time goes by unril the end.

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