Hazel Simone – Girlfriend Wears Your Mommy’s Panties HD 1080p

The girlfriend/mommy roleplay saga continues with a 3rd instalment! This time your girlfriend has encouraged you to steal a pair of your mom’s panties. She teases you with them – having you smell them until you’re hard for mommy and then putting them on to ride you. Your girlfriend admits she’s enjoyed playing your mom the last couple times… she especially likes to imagine how your mother would react, seeing her son’s hard cock. “I wonder if your mom’s pussy ever got wet while you sucked on her nipples…. how could it not? I mean it feels sooooo good, how could that not cross some wires?” Your girlfriend seems to understand your fantasy on another level, asking you provocative questions that you’d never even considered before and opening up a world of taboo possibility… she makes you beg to cum inside mommy, before letting the creampie soak into the gusset of your mom’s panties. “Are you going to keep these? Or are you going to sneak them back into her laundry basket?”

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