Hazel Simone – Are You Getting a Divorce Daddy HD 1080p

“Are you and mom getting a divorce?” Your daughter can tell somethings not right and presses you for details, insisting she deserves to know. She wastes no time making you uncomfortable, bluntly asking if it’s because you haven’t been having sex. “Don’t lie to me Daddy, I can hear through the walls and KNOW it hasn’t been happening lately.” You feel a little weird hearing your daughter talk so openly about sex, but nothing can prepare you for the next thing she says. “Sometimes when I’d hear you fucking mom I’d touch myself and imagine what my daddy’s cock would feel like.” She giggles as you go beet red and rock hard. It’s such a surreal situation you don’t know how to respond. Before you can get a handle on what’s happening your daughter is exposing herself to you: teasing you with her dirty mouth and her hot young body, begging you to show your cock. “I bet your soooo horny daddy… let me make you feel like mommy used to.” She’s the spitting image of your wife, just 20 years younger. Tighter, wetter, hotter…. better. You can’t disagree with her. You push yourself inside your daughter, stretching open her little pink hole. The taboo pleasure is unmatched. She rides you until she squirts, dirty talking and moaning. Casting aside all inhibitions, she begs daddy to unload in her pussy, filling her with the same cum that made her. “Don’t worry daddy, I won’t tell mom. We wouldn’t want her to be jealous!”

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