Harley Sin – Mommy Needs A Baby HD 1080p

**Contains heavy mommy-son impregnation trigger words** Mommy is in charge. Directing. She has to be, to run a company of this size. But that also means she has no time for a relationship. And your test results came back in, since you re old enough to get her pregnant, it s time to put one in mommy s belly. You fuss. But there won t be any sass for this mommy. She needs to be impregnated, and the only person to do it is her own son. It s the best, with your own mother. She kisses you deeply. She wants to show you her flower. It s important you know how this all works, and mommy will teach you. She spreads her legs for you, has you get really close. She opens her pussy, explains how you need lubrication to get pregnant. It helps the sperm swim to the egg. She shows you were she likes to be touched, how she likes to be touched. This is all perfectly natural. Your mother takes you, kisses you, wraps her legs around. So close. Almost like you can t move. She guides you, your little dick is touching the tip her of cervix. Right there, is where the hot sticky mess goes. Your mommy shows you how, rocks your ass in her hands, in and out. You fit her perfectly. But you both need to orgasm together, it increases the changes. Plus, the more your mommy has, the bigger and closer your family will be

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