Harley Sin – Breeding Mommy in Tight Confinement: superfetation HD 1080p

**Tigger warnings: contains heavy breeding theme/impregnation fantasy/double impregnation superfetation. Use of heavy mom/son trigger words throughout**

Your mom hasn’t been able to stay in your newly purchased home, her sense of smell in this pregnancy has made it impossible, she can detect even the most subtle hints of the fumigation so you’ve been made to stay at a cheap model for the time being.

She can barely open the door to the room without having to move furniture. Barely can sit down. There is no way this room was meant for two people, let alone your very pregnant mother. She remembers when she was pregnant with you, how claustrophobic she felt. But now you’ve stared your own family, and she knows you’re going to make the best daddy. Why not start expanding the family now?

She knows its rare but, since you’re her son, maybe the chances of becoming double pregnant will be possible. Your mommy was meant to be bred. She’s fertile right now, and extremely horny. It’s the hormones XO

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