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“Yes it is. Not only that, I think that to a degree it can be helpful and exhilarating. A boy measures every other woman in his life against his step-mom at some point in time. She forms the template of womanhood. Why wouldn’t that include her sexual appeal? My step-mother was the first developed female I got to see fully nude when I developed and the first developed woman to see me fully nude and aroused. I fucking loved seeing her naked body and the way she looked at me when I was naked in front of her is what I look for ever since. I am not the least bit ashamed to admit that I deeply desired her sex, but the line never got crossed. She was very honest in saying the same thing about me. Who doesn’t want to hear a thirty year old blonde bombshell tell him his body and equipment are amazing? It definitely made me a more confident person. What woman doesn’t enjoy watching a youthful man get instantly erect at the sight of her?Can you film a clip about this conversation, please!”This is too much un(conditional) love?

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