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“POV, 20 minutes long, solo, virtual Sex, lots of taboo talk.It’s the middle of a hot day. You are feeling very horny. and Tipsy…so much whisky! I cant remember the las time my husband touched me! You need your s@n advice, he is home! you will star exposing your body to your son. undressing slowly, you are Tipsy obviously. and so horny! you will star teasing your cock [email protected] fully naked and wet!.You stroke his cock until he is hard, then have him lick your pussy, then you ride him cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy. Finally, you fuck missionary style until he comes inside you an you have an orgasm on his big cock. You snuggle up in bed with him for some rest. Notes: You are totally naked from the beginning. Obviously pussy is not shown. But you display your bare breasts, legs, hips, back a lot.You body glistens a bit (with sweat) because of your horniness and the heat of the day. You stretch and restless desire. Your first words are you calling your son in to see you. Something like: “Ah, there you are! Come here, my son. Mother needs you. I’m feeling so…so HOT today. Your father isn’t here to help. Will you take his place again? You so are good at it – so much better than he is. Will you come into my bed and make me feel better? Oh, thank you! You so such a dear son – so good to your mother.”The next thing we know, the sex has started.It is very intimate and intense and passionate. There is a sense that they day is hot. You encourage your son to please you and fuck you. Sometimes you teach him a little – give lessons on how he should do it. Your son is a well-developed boy You talk dirty and taboo a lot. Frequents words are: Mother, Mom, Mommy, My Son, My Boy, My Dear, My Darling.Very often you say things like that: Fuck your Mother, Fuck your mother, Fuck me son, That’s my boy, kiss mother’s tits, etc.The hotter you get the more you say it. There are lots of moans and gasps as well.In the end you cum very hard and loud. There are lots of positions and angles in the scene so that the full beauty of your naked body can be appreciate. Mainly you keep your hands away from your breasts. But occasionally you squeeze of play with them. One view fades to another as if lots of time passes. The truth is your characters fuck through most the day. The longest scene is you getting fucked doggy style. Sometimes you look back over your shoulder at your son behind – praising him and urging him on.I’ve also attached a series of pics to help show some of the kind of views I had in mind. They aren’t exact, but they are close.

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