Gala MV – Bad Mommy HD 1080p

The whole vid is virtual POV sex (no dildo penetration shown)*

I’m your bad in*c*e*s*t mommy, you cum fuck me at night while your little sister is sle*e*p*ing right next to me… reluctant at first, I quickly wan’t more and don’t want you to stop. I know you can’t wait until tomorrow. Your sister wakes up and is confused at the scene, she just doesn’t stop crying and being a little bitch about it. She doesn’t understand the in*c*e*s*t sex we’re having my son. I can’t stand my bitch of a daughter! I’m lucky to have a son who understands what I crave… She says she’s gonna tell dad but I know she won’t. Let me spit on her face so she shuts up and lick off my spit on her face. She’s just crying for attention and I bet she’s jealous she’ll never feel her big bro’s cock in her. You’re mine!

Cum inside me my son, ignore your stupid little sister. Now her job is to clean up your mess on my pussy and get out of the bed. You belong next to me… and inside me, son.

*In this vid I’m sweet/horny towards son and a total bitch towards daughter, everytime I turn my head it’s to talk to daughter*

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