Fiona Dagger – Sis Is Your Secret Admirer

Your little sister bounces into your room proclaiming that you’ve received a Valentines card, and she wants you to read it in front of her! When you insist that you have no interest in it, she decides to read it out to you – it’s from a secret admirer!! She wants to know if you have any guesses as to who it might be from, or if you have any crushes that you hope it would be from… You say no, you can’t guess who it would be from, and there’s nobody you have a crush on. Your sister seems weirdly put out by this, and changes tactics, asking then what kind of person you would want it to be from, or what’s your type… You catch on to her strange vibes now and grab the letter off her, reading it and telling her that the handwriting looks suspiciously like hers!! She panics but eventually admits that yes, it’s from her, but insists that it was only a prank. She apologises and admits that she feels like you never want to hang out with her anymore, and that she thought this might be a fun prank that would bring you closer together again. She admits that she probably got it all wrong as she’s so inexperienced, and tells you how awkward she feels around every other guy. You’re finally starting to catch on now, and you begin to subtly offer to ‘help’ her out with her inexperience. She jumps at the offer, and though you at first insist that you’re only doing this to be helpful since she’s such an awkward virgin, you can’t help but start to enjoy yourself. It’s clear that your sister has developed a bit of an obsessive crush on you, and you’re happy to exploit it! You give her some lessons, telling her that you’re helping her feel more comfortable around guys, and your sister happily takes all your advice – first shyly stroking your cock, then learning to give her first blowjob, then, after admitting that the letter wasn’t a prank at all, and that she’s actually super into you and she really, really wants you to fuck her… finally taking her virginity and then getting her to swallow all your cum!

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