Fiona Dagger – Movie Night With Sis HD 1080p

(This was originally filmed as a custom video, and there is NO EXPLICIT ACTION – everything is implied) It’s been a hot summer and you’ve been stuck at home feeling sad about your recent break up. Your older sister has taken to just being naked in the house to cope with the heat, and doesn’t seem to have considered how you might find it weird to see her in the nude! This whole time she’s just been walking around acting completely normal, and talking to you as if she’s fully clothed. Tonight she comes into your room with her laptop and informs you that she’s decided it’s time to cheer you up a bit, and you’re going to have a movie night together like old times. You try to protest that you’re not in the mood but she says you’ve been moping around for far too long, and you need to hurry up and get over your ex. She says watching a movie with her will distract you at least for an evening, so you reluctantly agree. Your sister plops down beside you on the bed, making no effort to hide her nude body from you. She warns you that she’s not sure what to expect from this movie, as it was a recommendation from a friend. When the movie starts playing, it launches straight into a sex scene, which makes your sister comment on what a strange movie it must be! You watch for a couple of minutes before your sister nonchalantly reaches over, pulls your dick out of your sweatpants, and starts fondling it! You’re frozen in shock for a second but then question what the hell she’s doing, but your sister only shhs you and keeps her eyes on the screen; telling you to shut up and concentrate on the movie, even as her hand is now stroking your hardening cock! You quiet down and let it happen, trying to concentrate and watch the film but amazed and shocked by what your sister is doing. Whenever you pluck up the courage to ask her what’s going on she simply tells you to be quiet, and continues jacking you whilst talking as if nothing at all weird is going on! She chats to you about the movie, pretending like she hasn’t got your cock in her hand right now, and you lay back and try to relax into this strange situation. Suddenly your sister stops and informs you that she wants to get more comfortable, and that the two of you should snuggle. You ask her if it isn’t too hot in here to cuddle up, but she simply tells you to turn your fan on. You switch it on nervously and go to put your arm round your sister, but she surprises you by climbing up on top of you, straddling you and facing away to watch the laptop screen! As she settles down on you your cock slips inside her wet pussy, and she sighs and wriggles her hips to take you deeper. You can’t help but ask her again what she’s doing but she ignores you, pretending to focus on the movie as she begins grinding her hips back and forth on your cock. You soon give up protesting and instead simply watch her ass as it moves back and forth in front of you, feeling your cock slide in and out of her tight hole. Your sister begins quietly moaning and twitching, and you realise she’s cumming on your cock! You watch in amazement and think surely she must be done now, but instead she suddenly says that she’s been blocking your view of the movie and that you should change positions – then she positions herself bent over in front of you, asking you to rub her neck as you watch the movie! You lean forward to start massaging her neck and shoulders, and your sister immediately pushes her ass back onto you so your cock slides back inside. You try to focus on massaging her but it’s very difficult as she begins thrusting her ass back and forth and grinding sensually on your cock. Eventually you give up massaging her at all, merely holding onto her shoulders as you begin thrusting into her as much as she’s slamming back onto you! Your sister is groaning and thanking you for the ‘massage’ as you pound her pussy, and as she begins to orgasm a second time you can’t help it and you release a huge load of spunk inside her! You’re feeling a little overwhelmed as she climbs off you, and you’re nervous of what she’s going to say now about what just happened… But instead she just continues to act like all you both did was watch the film! She admits it can’t have been a great movie, as she can barely remember what happened in it, but says that still, she had a good time hanging out with you and that the two of you should make ‘watch a movie’ night a regular thing for the rest of the summer!

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