Ellie Skyes – Showing Dad the Beautiful Body He Made HD 1080p

I always miss Dad when he’s not around. So, when he is I’m super excited to be with him and show him all the grown-up things I do! I even went on a shopping trip the other day and now I want to show dad all the cute things I got to put on my big girl body! I hope dad is proud of how big I am now! I ask dad if I can put on a fashion show for him and if he is proud of me for being such a big girl! I love when dad tells me how proud he is of me. The first outfit is a crop top and booty shorts. I want to show dad how big my butt looks in these shorts! My butt is so big and developed now! More developed than the last time he bathed me. I even show dad up close how developed my breasts have gotten! They used to be so small but now they are round and full and even have cellulite from how big they’ve gotten! The next outfit I got I’m worried I’ll make dad nervous.. I don’t want him to think I’m trying to get other boys attention. I only want dads attention because I’m his and he is the only man in my world! I show dad the bathing suit I got and I can tell he is a little uncomfortable. I reassure dad that I will only wear the bathing suit when I am with him! Next, I have an outfit that is definitely for big girls only.. I’m scared to show dad because I want him to know I got this outfit to only show him how big my body’s gotten since the last time he’s seen me. I tell dad to close his eyes and once I tell him to open them again he sees me in bright pink lingerie. Dad starts to feel embarrassed but, I quickly grab his hands and tell him he shouldn’t be! He made my body beautiful and he should be proud to look at the body he’s made! After all, I love dad and he loves me so it should be all right. I even show dad how he can see though outline of my nipple and the new hair I’ve grown on my pussy like a big girl! My final piece is a crop top that shows my under-cleavage and a skirt. I was a little nervous to get the top but, I feel so comfortable showing dad. I even show dad my camel toe and beg for dad to tell me he is proud and say that he thinks its cute. Dad thinks my body is so cute and grown up! However, I need to confess the reason why I got all these new outfits and why I was showing of my body to dad.. I wanted to make dad excited because it would make me excited too. I want to please dad. I want to please him so badly. He made me and raised me and this is the least I can do. I will do anything for my father. I bring my nipples up close so dad can kiss them and suck on them. I start touching and rubbing my pussy and start rubbing on my breast. I then ask dad if I can please the cock that made me. I want to kiss the cock that made me until it cums. I start to kiss dads cock gently. The kissing gets more intense until I ask dad if I can use the lips he made to wrap around his cock. Dad allows it so I start sucking his cock. I beg dad to please cum all over the beautiful tits he made. I hold onto my pigtails and continue to suck and rub his cock until he cums all over my tits and my new crop top. Its the least I could do for my father. I love you dad.

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