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We’re stuck in the same bed for the night. It’s a little weird because we’re brother and sister but we try to make it work. As I close my eyes, I feel something poking my back. What is that? Are you trying to tease me? Why won’t you show me what poked me? OMG! It was your BONER! I’m shocked but also flattered. And I quickly admit … I have a fetish. I’ve thought about fucking my brother for a long time and now is our perfect chance. You could fuck your sister right now and nobody would now. If you do it now, I won’t make you use a condom. You can’t resist your hot sister. You get on top of me and start to fuck me – your own sister. The whole time, I tell you how badly I wanted this, how much it turns me on that my own brother’s cock is in me, and beg for your cum while calling out “brother, brother, brother” …

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