Dakota James, Desi Dalton – Home School – Step-Mom is the Best Teacher HD 1080p

Dakota and Brad’s step-mom doesn’t feel that the school does a proper job teaching about sexual education so she has her step-son and step-daughter sit down for some candid demonstrations.

At first Dakota and Brad are unsure, but being young, and full of hormones, and being used to doing what step-mom says, they soon are following her every instruction

PART 1 – Home School Lesson One, How to eat pussy – The first lesson is for Brad to watch and learn how to please a woman with his mouth, Desi has her step-daughter lay down so Brad can get a good view of step-mom liking his sisters pussy until she cums. Desi gives good instruction and then has Brad practice on his step-sister.

To continue the lesson step-mom has both of them practice on her to make her cum to make sure they really have it all down

PART 2 Home School Lesson Two, The best ways to suck a cock- Now that giving oral to woman is covered, Step-Mom wants Dakota to learn how to give amazing head and has Brad lay down so his step-mom can demonstrate all the best techniques for sucking cock. Then Dakota gets to take a turn and she follows step-mom’s instructions very well, Step-Mom wants Dakota to be the one to finish but they do share his huge load

PART 3 – Home School Lesson Three – Best Sex Positions – Step-Mom wants to makes sure Brad and Dakota know how to have sex in the best three positions. She gets on top of Brad, who is already hard and ready again, and has his step-sister watch and learn how to ride a big cock until she cums. Step-Mom comments on how much like his step-father Brad is and takes time to enjoy herself. She then has Brad fuck her from on top and then from behind before practicing on his step-sister

Dakota’s face shows how intense her brothers big cock feels and Brad makes his step-sister cum using what step-mom taught him. Finally he can’t hold back and comes all over his sisters ass and back

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