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My step-mom, Cory Chase, hears a knock at the door, so she eagerly walks over to the door and she opens it up. Cory is wearing a pink dress as she opens the front door and she lets her step-sister, Vanessa, into the house. Vanessa Cage is wearing a nude colored dress as she walks into the house. She is so excited to stay with her step-sister for Christmas!

Later on, my step Aunt Vanessa is wearing a gray tank top with matching gray shorts as her pajamas. She is sitting on the floor next to me when I (Luke Longly) admit to her that my girlfriend wants me to learn how to last longer in bed! Vanessa admits that she really wants to have more sex this year. Vanessa pulls her big tits out from under her top while she’s talking to me. She wants to help me last longer with my girlfriend, so she takes my cock out from under my shorts and she starts to slowly tease me with her mouth and her hands. She slowly strokes my cock up and down with her hand, slowly edging me. She doesn’t allow me to cum this time, since this was just a lesson on how to get me to last longer…!

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I walk into the kitchen and I find my step Aunt Vanessa sitting at the kitchen counter. She pulls her big tits out from under her shirt again, teasing me. ‘Will you help me take these off?’ she asks me, pointing to her shorts. I pull her shorts off of her, revealing her big ass! She then gets down on her knees in front of me, and she starts to give me a blowjob. Once my cock is hard, she lies down on her back and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. She then flips over into the doggystyle position and I fuck her pussy from behind. Her blonde hair spills down her back while her ass cheeks are bouncing up and down on my cock. She lies down on her back again and I go back to fucking her pussy in the missionary position. When I am done fucking her, I ask her if I did a good job at lasting longer this time…

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Cory and her step-sister, Vanessa, are sitting next to each other on the white, leather couch. Cory is wearing a green Christmas-themed lingerie set, while Vanessa is wearing a red lingerie outfit. Vanessa confesses to Cory that she’s been secretly fucking Cory’s step-son under her roof during the holidays! Cory starts to freak out a little at first, but Vanessa tells her that it only happened one time. Cory is a little calmer now, but also a little turned on. She gently pulls the straps to Vanessa’s top down, exposing her big tits. Vanessa suggests that the two of them have a threesome with me, as she starts to kiss Cory on the mouth. Vanessa helps Cory strip out of her lingerie, and then Cory spreads her legs in front of her step-sister. Vanessa starts to eat her step-sister’s pussy out, and she continues until she cums in her mouth! Then the two MILF’s switch places and Cory eats Vanessa’s pussy out next. Once they both have cum, they kiss each other on the lips again. Then they help each other put their lingerie back on, and they walk off to go find me…

A Season of Giving – 3sum

My step-mom and my step Aunt walk into my bedroom, one after another. They’re both wearing slutty, Christmas themed lingerie. ‘What are you guys doing in my room?!’ I exclaim. My step-mom, Cory, confesses that my step Aunt Vanessa wants the three of us to get closer. Vanessa also tells me that she already told Cory that she and I fucked the other day, so the cats out of the bag! Cory and Vanessa climb up onto my bed with me and they start to make out in front of me. They both pull their big, enhanced tits out from under their lingerie. They simultaneously start to stroke my cock with their hands. Vanessa and Cory help each other strip out of their outfits, and then they start to give me a double blowjob. Vanessa reminds me to hold on and try and last as long as I can! Cory climbs on top of me and she starts to ride my cock in the cowgirl position, while Vanessa licks Cory’s nipples at the same time. Cory gives me another blowjob, and then Vanessa rides my cock in the reverse cowgirl position next. Cory and Vanessa both get into the doggystyle position, and I start to fuck Vanessa’s pussy from behind first. I go back and forth between fucking both MILF’s from behind. Then they both flip over on to their backs and I fuck them both in the missionary position this time. When I am finally ready to cum, I jerk my cock off into my step Aunt Vanessa’s mouth! I explode and there’s so much cum, since I’ve been edging all weekend! Cory wants to share some of my cum with her step-sister, so the two MILF’s kiss and cum swap…

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