Cory Chase, Nichole Rae – Stuck Step Daughter (Part 4) HD 1080p

Stuck with Step Mom-

I (Nicole Rae) am still searching for my step-dad’s car keys! I decide to search one of the guest bedrooms, and I start to search under the bed. I end up getting my arms stuck under the bed again, because I am just so clumsy! My step-mom, Cory Chase, walks into the room wearing a bright blue dress, and she tries to help pull me out from under the bed. She eventually succeeds, and then the two of us sit down next to each other on top of the bed. Cory strips naked just like I already am, and she wants to eat my pussy out. I spread my legs for her and she licks and sucks on my clit. After I cum, we switch places and I start to eat my step-mom’s pussy out next. I even searched the inside of her pussy for my step-dad’s car key, but I didn’t find it in there! After Cory cums, she asks me how well I searched under the bed for the car key. She is prepared to search under the bed some more with me!

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