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You’ve been bringing home girls, making out with them, not realizing how much this has been affecting mommy. Today.. she lost it, causing a scene in front of a girl! She orders you to come into her bedroom to talk. Mommy’s frustrated because no girl is good enough for you.. they’re all just tramps and sluts. Mommy digs through her hamper, pulling out dirty clothes purposely made for you…mommy’s been stuffing herself for a couple days now with numerous clothes for your enjoyment.. remember when you used to perv in mommy’s room when you were younger? Just to be close and smell mommy’s scent.. mommy knows what you like… She seduces you and is PURPOSELY loud!!!! Your girlfriend walks in and is startled by your Mommy riding your cock!! Mommy badmouths and teases your girlfriend.. claiming her territory over you. She explains she is going to do this to all the girls you bring over until you have none left! You’re mommy’s boy and only mommy’s…

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