Buddahs Playground – The Need For Seed HD 1080p

Son! Am I imagining things or do you have a raging hard on? That bulge in your pants can’t really go unnoticed. I know I am your mom, but I think we need to take care of that. Would you stroke your cock for me? I won’t say anything to any of your friends and you KNOW not to say anything about this to your dad, right? Wow son- your cock is MUCH bigger than your dads! mmm. Young cock really is nice. Can I stroke it fro you a little bit? here- let mommy show you how a MILF sucks dick. I imagine that you are pinching yourself because you don’t think this is really happening…but I assure you honey… it IS most definitely going down right now. Mommy sucks your cock and then gives you a hand job before I hope on that cock of you’re a and ride it. You know that I have been trying to get pregnant right? Why don’t you let mommy ride you bareback so you can plant your seed deep in mommy. You never have to worry, this will ALWAYS be our little secret, okay honey?

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