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Your mother has told your sister to s-l-e-e-p in your room because your aunt, your mother’s sister, is visiting in your house and she spends the night in your sister’s room. Before going to bed, you will hear moaning sounds. Your sister thinks it can’t be your mother because your mother and father haven’t had sex in years, so it has to be your aunt. Your sister wants to spy on who your aunt is fucking with and entice you to come along. You sneaks to the bedroom door, and you see that man who fucks with your aunt, is your father. You leave before your aunt and father notice you and you go back to your bedroom. Your sister is a little puzzled and thinks this family is pretty sick. You start s-l-e-e-p-i-n-g. You wake up later at night and see your sister masturbating next to you. She’s sorry she woke you up, but she doesn’t get out of mind what you saw. What you saw, your father fucked your aunt, made your sister so horny. She only wondering how your father’s cock was inside your aunt. She is so horny that she wants you to touch her pussy. You agree to do it. Then she wants to experience something else, because she gets even more horny. She promises not to tell anyone and also says this is her first time. She also says she knows that even you are her brother, she can get pregnant.

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