Ashley Adams – You Are Boring HD 720p

Scene One: Your show sucks

Ashley’s dumb step-brother is watching TV when she walks in. Let’s wrestle She suggests. He tells her to leave him alone. But Ashley doesn’t take no for an answer. She wraps her legs around his neck and squeezes like a vice. Just take it you little bitch, your such a fucking pussy she laughs.

He struggles against her while she teases him. Isn’t this better than your boring show? She asks toying with him. He breaks her hold and yells for his parents. Ashley takes off her top to torment her horny little step-brother as she leg locks him around the neck again. She know how he stares at her tits when he thinks she’s not looking. Putting him in a head lock she presses her big breasts against him and gets off on his squirming between her legs.

Scene Two: Step-Sister Showboating

I think you like it Ashley laughs at her weak little step-brother. Stop resisting, and stop touching my boobs pervert she whispers to him. All he wants to do is get away from her but she hold him tight teasing him as only a big step-sister can.

This is too much fun. Oh you poor thing she says to him wrapping her arm around his throat and squeezing. His face begins to go red and he gaps for breath while she pulls tighter and tighter. She bites her lip and dry humps against him. Just let go she whispers squeezing tighter. Oh fuck she says dropping her step-brother to the ground. Now where is the remote…

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