Angel The Dreamgirl – Your biggest cumshoot on my nylon sniny legs HD 1080p

You are in the role seductive, teasing girl who loves nylon pantyhose and stockings, you liked to wear stockings on your pantyhose without panties. Your husband in the role of an electrician, a monter, whom you want. Part 1: The scene begins. You wear one of your satin blouses without a bra, you slowly dress your seamless pantyhose gray color the camera angle POV from a third party. The guy at this time stand outside the window on the outdoor and watch on you. You to pull your pantyhose from the bottom up, then over pantyhose, you to put a stockings gray color without garters, please. You notice that the guy is watching you, you start teasing him with your legs/feet while he is still outside the window on the outdoor. The duration of the scene is 3 minutes.

Part 2:

You are sitting on the bed and slowly open the condom of ordinary color, all this you show and tease the guy outside the window. Then you put the condom in your mouth and go to the guy. You smile and tease him by showing a condom in your mouth. You put a condom on his penis with your mouth, like you did in one of your clips with a condom. You give him some Handjob and blowjob, I prefer to see the French manicure on nails, nails of normal length. You can lubricate the condom with grease or your saliva, as you prefer. I would like to see the view of the corner from two different cameras, if possible. The first POV angle and the second is a full view angle that would see the fully nylon legs of the girl. The duration of the scene is 4 minutes.

Part 3:

You call him in your room and you continue to tease him with your nylon shiny sparkling legs in pantyhose and stockings. You continue to give him a Handjob and Blowjob, POV camera angle. The duration of the scene is 2 minutes.

Part 4:

You stand up your nylon booty on the camera when a man puts his cock between your nylon legs, then he pushes his cock (still in the condom). I want to see the full view of your nylon legs and sometimes POV camera angle. The duration of the scene is 2 minutes.

Part 5:

You are lying on the bed. You give him a footjob with your nylon legs. You do this slowly, tease before he will be inside your nylon pussy. Then you take off the condom and stand over him, the camera is always POV angle, you tease him, you caress your pussy and moaning. After your pussy becomes wet, it through pantyhose, you ride on him without tearing the seamless pantyhose. You can also include your sex positions what you want. POV angle and the side view. Your pussy is wet, your juices flow down and seamless pantyhose to rub against your clitoris, you are so excited and you come to orgasm. The duration of the scene is 5-8 minutes.

6 scene:

You sit on the bed again and give him a Handjob and Blowjob, you tease him with your tongue and fingers. I would like to see 2 camera angles, a side view and POV sometimes. The guy cum on your nylon legs, biggest cumshoot at your shiny stockings. The duration of the scene is 5-8 minutes.

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