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You came home and find a woman in your bedroom… beautiful, sexy with a charming smile of her snow-white teeth and playful look. She sits in your chair, her lips are painted in a bright red lipstick, her hair is down, and her breasts are up. Where did she come from, how did she get into your apartment?

But it does not matter, now this sweet girl is here next to you, she looks into your eyes with her mysterious look. “Hello, baby,” she says and you hear her sweet voice pour. “Can you guess what it is?” she asks you laughing. “These are your favorite gloves.” She squeezes in her hands your favorite leather gloves that you bought last autumn. These gloves were included in your most cherished dream. You all remembered …. what you dreamed of on Christmas Eve! Before this wonderful moment, you imagined the picture which happening in real life.

You stand here in front of the woman of your dreams, she wears leather leggings, high heels, a satin open blouse and in her hands your favorite leather gloves, you are completely dumbfounded with happiness and a pleasant feeling of tickling you in your lower abdomen. She inhales this pleasant leather smell from gloves, you can see the pleasure on her face, she is smiling and teasingly playing with your mind. “I can wear it … Yes, right now,” she teases you tantalizingly. “You want it … No” – she laughs and starts putting these black leather gloves on her hands. Your cock instantly becomes stiff. You have never experienced such feelings. She did this delicately as if she knew all that you want to see right now.

Licking her bright red lips, she begins to caress herself with her hands in leather gloves on her face, neck, breasts, leather leggings, gently touching her crotch, she teases you even hotter. You still do not dare to come closer to her, “Come to me” – she whispers and you come closer to her, you would feel the smell of leather gloves and the sweet smell of her body. She let you enjoy the close look of her red lips and hear the sound of leather gloves.

She subtly shifts from licking the glove to your swollen cock that bulges through your trunks. She gently rubbing it, you smell her, you see her excited teasing look. She looks into your eyes and starts teasing, licking the swollen head of your penis, giving drooling to your big cock. She gently jerk your cock, caressing the head of your cock with leather gloves. She teases and licks your happy “movement” organ.

Then she stand in the doggie position, and you make a hole in her tightly fitting leggings. Your hard cock enters in her and give to her immense pleasure. You fuck her in several positions. Then she gently suck your cock a few times and ride on you on cowgirl position. She’s sitting on the floor and jerkking your cock, she wants to get your white warm liquid, “I want to get your cum …” before she stops speaking she is surprised – you shoot a big load on her gloves – “… over all my gloves” – you suddenly cumshoot and cover her gloves with your white delicious sperm. She smiles and starts playing with your sperm. Her leather gloves shine and wet from your cum, she’s not satisfied enough and wants to get all your sperm. “I want all your sperm, all your semen … right here, here and here …” She runs a finger along her thighs, along her legs and along her crotch, where her pussy is seen through the hole in the leather leggings.

You are so strongly excited that you shoot a huge load all over her body, you cumshoot very far, your sperm is everywhere, on her face, on her satin shirt, on her crotch where there is her sweet pussy and now she is completely satisfied. She is incredibly happy, and your dream-miracle has come true, she gently rub your sperm into her sexy and hot body, along her breasts, on her face drip your warm sperm …

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