Angel The Dreamgirl – He Cant Handle It And Explodes In His Jeans 4K

My dream is to see something like this from you.

Please wear some maybe white blouse, extra shiny nude pantyhose and your new thigh high leather boots. The main theme is that you want to embarrass him and make him cum in his pants and he is trying to stop you but you always win. You can all make it from his point of view.

You have a first date with your new partner. You were at dinner and came home. You were teasing him all the time you were out. Now you are at home and you see that he is so horny. Invite him to the table. You sit across from him and think about what to do with him after a while you start teasing him under the table. You slowly lift your booted foot on his leg up and down. He looks very surprised and nervous. Slowly raise your leg to his lap, you feel how hard he is in his pants. Tease him with your booted leg over his crotch. Maybe one booted one pantyhosed. You can take off after some time one off your boot. it is on you. After a while he begs you to let him put his dick out of his pants. You take his dick out of his jeans and make him some footjob/handjob/bootjob but you have more evil plans with him. When you see that he is about to cum put his dick back in the jeans and tell him you don’t want a mess at your house from his cum. He thinks it’s over and he’s a little disappointed. But when he puts his hard-on back in pants after a few seconds you will take advantage of the situation and continue to tease by hand,foot,boot. There is some visible pre-cum in his pants. He begs you to stop because he knows that he will come in his pants and he doesn’t want to go home with wet pants full of cum. But you want it, you want to embarrass him on his first date. He is trying to stop you in different ways but it is too late.
You dont allow him to stop you and make him do a lot of visible mess in his jeans on your first date, make him wear something where it is visible. I prefer him to wear some bright jeans.

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