Angel The Dreamgirl – 467 New Dress Code Law 4K

At the beginning of the video, you are relaxing in your home, in very casual clothes, jeans and sweater, barefoot, your hair worn open. But then there’s a ring at the door: Who could that be?

You’re visited by a government inspector who informs you about a new dress code law being passed by the new government that requires women to comply with a certain dress code: Women are no longer allowed to wear pants, panties or panty. Bras are banned too. But they must wear seamed stockings, a garter belt and patent 4 inch heels.

But you don’t own any such clothes, so the inspector issues you these clothes. After some resistance, you have no choice but comply. He insists that you change cloths in front of him.

You undress and begin putting on the clothes the inspector has given you. You’re not used to wearing nylons and heels and have some difficulty putting them on. We get a lot of nice close ups of your legs and feet, up your skirt especially our seamed stockings and heels. You resent not being allowed to wear any panties or bra, and you hate the complicated garters and uncomfortable heel which hurt your feet. You complain, but the inspector shows no mercy. You put up your hair.

You continue to put on a thin white blouse and a short skirt that barely covers your stocking tops. We can see you breast and nipples clearly through the blouse. After you’ve dressed, the inspector makes you hand over all your jeans, trousers, panties, bras and flat shoes from your wardrobe another option for the camera to show of your great body, your legs, the stockings and heels, the garters, your breasts moving under the thin blouse, up your skirt while you’re moving in the bedroom, bending down, crouching to get all the clothes etc.

The inspector reminds you of the rules and orders you to buy more heels and stockings soon – then he leaves.

We end up the video with you looking at yourself in the mirror, pulling on your blouse over your hard and visible nipples, flipping up your skirt, tugging at the garters, dipping in and out of the heels and complaining to yourself about the uncomfortable shoes clothes. You’re afraid of leaving the house dressed like this, but you’ve got no choice…

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