Anastasia Valentine – Ebony Stepsister Entranced Before Date HD 1080p

Sexy blonde ebony Goddess Anastasia Valentine is about to go on a date when her stepbrother, Aiden Valentine stops her. Aiden thinks his black stepsister is a total babe in her fitted black dress and stripper heels. He wants her all to himself. He begins to touch her boobs, pull up her dress to reveal her panties, and pull her dress down to see her small titties and perky nipples. Anastasia is concerned about being late, so she tells Aiden to back off, fixes her outfit and heads towards the door, complaining about how inappropriate his behavior is. Aiden Valentine has a trick up his sleeve. He asks her if she forgot her phone, then holds up a black and white spiral. Anastasia stares at it and her eyes begin to cross, her tongue goes out and she makes the ahegao face. Aiden tells his stunning blonde stepsister to relax and listen to his voice. When he snaps his fingers, she perks up and is now very into her stepbrother and very horny. She immediately unbuttons his shirt, then rolls around on the bed, teasing him and stripping out of her black dress. Underneath, she has on a black lingerie garter set that shows off her perfect boobs. Aiden and Anastasia kiss and touch each other, and Anastasia gives Aiden a super hot blowjob. After she sucks his white dick, the interracial stepsiblings begin fucking. They kiss each other, Aiden touches Anastasia’s neck and squeezes on her breasts, then when he is ready to cum, he tells his slut stepsister to get on the ground. She eagerly sits down with her mouth open, ready to catch his cum on her tongue. Aiden’s load is big, and some of it spurts onto Anastasia’s face and eye. She gurgles his cum and makes bubbles with it, then lets it drizzle off of her tongue. When Anastasia suddenly does not understand why she has cum in her mouth and on her face, or why she is naked, Aiden takes out his phone with the black and white spiral swirl, and has her stare at it again.

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