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It’s Valentine’s Day! Mommy planned out a very special day for the two of you. But you tell her you have plans tonight and can’t spend the day with her like you always do. Plans…with a girl from work. What?! Who is this girl? You’ve never told mommy about a girl! Mommy is visibly upset, feeling quite betrayed that you’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with some harlet from work instead of your own mother. Fine, whatever, go! Go spend the day with her instead, clearly you don’t care about mommy! You know she’s upset and crying, so you go talk to mommy and she apologizes for getting so mad. Clearly you can’t spend your whole life having a romantic relationship with just your mom. She tells you it’s OK, she just overreacted, go have fun on your date! As you’re about to get ready, mommy comes to you, makeup done, and reveals her sexy new lingerie she just got. Maybe before you go on your date, you can give mommy some love? You’re probably saving your stamina for after your date, so how about you pleasure mommy with your tongue! Trying to spice things up, mommy ties you up and rides you face, promising to untie you after you make mommy cum. But…mommy has different plans. She’s not gonna let you go that easily. Mommy made you, and she’s not about to give you up to some random whore. Happy Valentine’s Day! *includes some bio mom/son words*

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