Tara Tainton – The Best Week of Our Lives HD

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You won’t believe what I’ve managed to do… I’ve sent your step-father away on a boys’ vacation in Vegas! For a FULL WEEK! He’s not going to be here! Darling… we have the whole week entirely to ourselves – ALONE TOGETHER. Without worrying about getting caught! Does that fill your sexy head with ideas? Is there anything in particular you’d like to do with all this quality time with your step-mother?? Hmmm?? Let me just show you…. do you like what I have on under my dress? I picked it out just for you, just for this very special occasion. Mmm-hmm. Mmm… I love kissing you, touching you… and you know what Step-Mommy loves even more?? Your COCK. I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL HARD COCK! I want it right now… can I have it? Hmmm? Can Step-Mommy have a taste?? Mmm… mmm… mmm! What’s that, honey? You want to return the pleasure? Would you… like to go down on your step-mother? is that what you want? You know I love it when you’re between my legs. You’re so good with your tongue… And you know I’m gonna invite you to take me from behind too. Mmm… I want you to fuck me senseless!!! Oh, shoot, your step-father’s calling! Oh, oh, OH!!!!!

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