Lumin, Victoria Verve – Modeling Agent Timestops New Model

Lumin has answered an ad from a local modeling agency. She shows up at the appointed time and is met by Viva, the agents wife and secretary, who shows her to his office where two mannequins stand posed in a corner.

Lumin is fascinated by how real the mannequins look, she feels their life like skin and hair. Torro, the agent, comes in and encourages her to pose the mannequins. She does then they sit down for their interview, he asks her about her experience in modeling, and her limitations. Lumin tells him that she does not do nude, so Torro asks her to pose for a couple of pictures for their files. She agrees, but he keeps trying to push her boundaries, so he timestops her.

Torro and Viva strip her slightly then bring her back. Lumin is confused to what has happened and tries to leave, but Torro timestops her again and him and his wife set her up next to the other mannequins and start to pose and strip them.

Then Torro sets his watch to the “All Girls” setting and unfreezes Lumin and the other mannequins, they all realize what is happening and rush toward the door, but Torro timestops them before they make it.

They set the girls up in the middle of the room and strip them and pose them, preparing them to be shipped out to stores as a mannequin. – robomeats

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Mind-Fuck Trials 1: Lumin

This is footage from pharmaceutical trails of a new focus enhancement remedy.

Dr. Torro and cameraman Alex are testing it on Lumin today, a hot college student.

The effect was different than expected, instead of boosting focus, it made her more susceptible to command.

Torro and Alex have some fun, commanding her to strip and play with the doctor.

Then they have her sit on the examination table and rub her pussy till she cums!

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Olive Glass, Lumin – Lesbians, Burglars and Timestopping Perverts HD 720p

Olive, Starli, Lumin and Torro Bravo – Olive and Starli are roommates, and they like to have a little fun, borrowing each others clothes and making out on the bed, during one of these such occasions, Torro walks by and see’s the two sexy girls kissing naked through the window, he peeps a bit and then uses his Timestop watch to sneak inside and get a better view from the closet. He walks in and starts feeling there young bodies and soft skin, he goes to the closet and restarts time watching them with wide eyes as they finger each other. Lumin walks by outside and see’s the girls through the window and she sees a perfect opportunity to burglarize some lesbians, so she puts on a mask and walks in armed telling them to get dressed. Olive thinks it’s a joke and laughs it off but Starli tells her it’s not and they are really being robbed. Torro keeps hiding in the closet, waiting to see what happens timestop watch at the ready. The girls get dressed as Lumin goes through their stuff, the girls then all start arguing annoying Torro so he stops time and strips them all and sets them up in various sexy poses while sucking their nipples and fondling them. He then sets them up on the bed naked with Lumin in the middle of the girls and restarts time, Olive immediately starts taking advantage of poor Lumin as Torro runs out the door, fully satisfied.

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Lumin – Catch And Release Maid Timestop HD 720p

Lumin, Rock, Torro Bravo, Attila The Hung and Jack – Torro has his buddies over and they all notice Torro’s new Spanish maid, Luisa, who doesn’t speak a word of English, but is super hot. Torro tells his buds about his timestop watch and all the fun things he can do with it, he begins by stopping Luisa and pulling her top down and letting his friends play with her, they decide that they want to mess with her, so they set her up with her top down, dusting Jacks crotch, then restarts time, she panics and apologizes, then they stop her again and lay her down on top of them, they restart time and she apologizes again, but Torro isnt done with her, so he timestops her again and puts her in all sorts of poses, bringing her back in a panic. Finally they pull their cocks out and bring her back crouched at eye level with a line of cocks, she panics and they stop her and put their cocks in her timestopped hands and mouth and fuck them, restarting time a couple times, until they are ready to cum, and they cum all over her timestopped body, then leave her on the couch while they go get some drinks. *Explicit Sexual Content

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