Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai – Lapdances From My Stepmom Part 2 HD 1080p

When i got home from school my stepmom was in the living room folding clothes, i tried to say hi but she was just being a total bitch. i felt like i needed to put her in her place so told her it was time for more lapdances. she said no of course but after reminding her of the videos i have she changed her mind. she stripped for me in the living room while i sat on the couch naked stroking my cock! i told her to start the lapdance so she sat down on my cock and started grinding, it felt amazing. i probably could have cum right away but u wanted to see how far i could take this, so after a few minutes if grinding i asked for more. i told her i needed help cumming and she needed to give me a handjob, she was total bitch the whole time but because i had her under my thumb she wasn’t gonna say no! This is part 2 of Lapdances From My Stepmom, this series stars Jasmin Jai and is a POV Taboo blackmail nude lapdance handjob scene

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Jasmin Jai – Massage From My Friends Step-Mom Part 1 HD 1080p

My buddy’s super hot step-mom is a massage and these football injuries have been making my groin and thigh area really tight and sore. So, I go to my buddies, his step-mom has her own massage table and works out of the house. Ready to get my massage, Mrs. J is only in a black bra and shorts combo, sooo hotttt. Once she starts the massage, my cock gets instantly hard. So hard it keeps knocking into Mrs. Jai’s hands. Maybe I can get her to do a little more. I promised to keep it our little secret! No female nudity. CFNM scene.

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Jasmin Jai – My Step-Mom Is Feeling Lonely Part 3 HD 1080p

From: Atlanta Fetish Model Jasmin Jai

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With my step-dad still out of town i was kinda excited when i got home from school. me and my step-mom have been playing every day and every day i get step-mom to go further and further. i found step-mom in the kitchen and we made some small talk and the i told her if she wanted to come in and join me she could, she got a big smile on her face and said lets go. i stripped first and started stroking my cock, i told step-mom she go get naked and masturbate too, it wouldn’t bother me. we masturbated facing each other in a couple different positions and then i made my move. i slipped my finer into moms wet pussy and started finger banging her, she had a screaming orgasm. when she came down from her high she looked me in the eye and asked if i wanted her to stroke my dick! step-mom naked step-mom jerked of with a big smile on her face, i cant wait for our after school fun tomorrow!
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Jasmin Jai – Showering With My Best Friends Mom Complete HD 1080p

Taboo Shower Shower Scenes MILF POV Sex

This is the full and complete series of Showering With My Best Friends Mom Complete Series, this series stars Jasmin Jai. this is a POV Taboo Milf Best Friend’s Mom Handjob Blowjob Sex series, you can buy all 4 parts here at a discount.

Part 1
I am staying with my best friend’s house for a bit while my parents are out of town. There’s only one bathroom at his place. One morning I bump into Kyle’s hot mom in a towel getting ready to steal the shower. She let’s me go first but she’s impatient and tells me she can’t wait any longer. She just jumps into the shower with me! Instant boner.

Part 2
SO I showered with Mrs. Jai yesterday. The next day our shower times conflict and she suggests to shower together again. Score! In the shower, I can’t keep my boner down. I missed masturbating in the shower yesterday. This is the only time I can do it. I ask if I can stroke it while she showers. I literally caught her peeking at my cock as I get off.

Part 3
I got up early so Mrs. Jai could get her shower before work. Halfway into my shower, Mrs’ Jai wanders into the bathroom and gladly just jumps in the shower with me. I still hadnt jerked off yet and Mrs. Jai offers to give me a handjob. She rubs my cock until I cum.

Part 4
To conserve water if only makes sense by now that Mrs. Jai and I shower together. Watching her shower gets me so hard. She’s helping me out again, jerking off my dick when she suggests a faster way to get me off. We end up in her bed and her sucking my cock. Then, she rides my cock and I fill her up for behind.
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