Amanda Verhooks

Amanda Verhooks – STOP JERKING-OFF TO ME!!! HD 1080p


Amanda Verhooks has a problem that women her age sometimes have. She is a VERY attractive middle-aged woman….and her Step-Son is at that age where he is horny ALL the time, and his raging hormones are out of control. Amanda has caught him several times lately….spying on her and Jerking-Off!! This morning, she is in her bathroom brushing her hair, when once again….she catches her young Step-Son Conor Jerking-Off to her!!! Amanda decides that the issue needs to be addressed. Amanda goes to Conor’s bedroom to confront him. The embarrassed hides under the covers….afraid and ashamed to make eye contact with his Step-Mother. Amanda assures him that his behaviour is “normal”….that the site of a pretty woman is likely to affect him at his age….even if it’s his own Step-Mother. Amanda tells him that, maybe if he just has sex with her….he will get it “out of his system”….and not be so obsessed with trying to see Step-Mommie naked. Conor finally emerges from under the covers…and Step-Mom starts to suck his cock. Step-Mom can’t believe her eyes when she sees the size of her young Step-Son’s cock!! Amanda takes the massive penis all the way inside her MILF Cunt….and does she ever enjoy it!!! Step-Son or not…..this is the best Fuck Amanda has had for a long time!!!

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Amanda Verhooks – Mother’s Fantasy PART 1 HD 1080p

Amanda’s perfect little boy, Conor, is all grown up and has become a rockstar. Before leaving for tonight’s gig, Conor makes sure to invite his sexy mom to the show. She’s flattered to be invited, but when she tells him she’s way too old to be in a place with a bunch of screaming girls, Conor tells his mom that with her body, she’ll be the hottest one there! “You really think so?”, asks Amanda, a bit surprised by the confidence-boosting comment from her son. Conor instantly replies, “I think about that body of yours everyday, Mom.” He then tells her that he bought something for her to wear and that its in her bedroom and that he wants to see her in it at the show. Conor gives his mother a quick kiss, which suddenly turns into a few minutes of intense making out. Amanda is pleasingly surprised by this, and tells her son that she’s wanted that for a long time. Conor replies, “Me too, baby,” and leaves for his gig.

A little later, Amanda is already dressed, admiring her new outfit in front of the mirror. She thinks out loud about the way her son kissed her, wondering if the new dress meant that he wants to fuck her…
Amanda starts rubbing her body, eyes closed as she talks about how she’s always wanted to fuck her rockstar stud of a son. Conor appears behind her and starts kissing her neck, saying how bad he wants to fuck her. They touch and kiss for a few minutes, with Conor’s magic fingers making his mom cum. Amanda quickly snaps out of her fantasy, glances down at the time, and says, “Oh God, it’s time to go!”

Later that night, Conor and his mom return home, arm in arm. Amanda tells her son how much she was turned on watching him on stage…and how she heard all the young girls say how bad they wanted to fuck him. Conor instantly replies, “The only one I wanted to fuck was you, Mom!”, and the mother-son duo once again starts to passionately make out. After a few minutes, Conor tells his mom, “Let me strip you, baby! I gotta see that fuckin’ body that’s had me jerking-off for years.” Conor then starts sucking his mom’s perfect tits while alternately kissing her sweet lips. Amanda’s son is so turned on, and he tells his Mom how bad he wants to eat her pussy. After having her pussy worshipped for several minutes and climaxing a few times, Amanda then tells her son how bad she wanted to suck his cock all night, so she hops down on her knees, and starts orally pleasing her now big boy

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Amanda Verhooks, Dani Dare, Leah Lamour / Leah L’Amour – Step-Son Fun In Mum’s Bum – THE FIRST 4 HD 720p

From: Conor Coxxx Clips

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Packaged here today are the first four of the taboo anal series “Step-Son Fun In Mum’s Bum”.
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