Alexa Payne

Alexa Payne – Stepson Takes Advantage of He Need for Approval HD 720p

Alexa is really worried that her future stepson isn’t going to like her and mess up her engagement. She’s never met Jay before and she is really nervous about how it will go. She needs a break from panic cleaning so she decides to do some yoga. Jay arrives talking on the phone about how he things Alexa is a gold digger and after hanging up finds her doing stretches in the master bedroom and watches for a while before coming in to mess with her a bit. Once Jay realizes she is pretty simple and will go along with anything if she thinks it will make her like him ha can’t help be take advantage. It goes farther than he expected but it’s not his fault his future stepmom is a slut and a pushover

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Cory Chase, Alexa Payne – Free Use Step Mom Moved In Part 5 HD 1080p

First Step Family 3sum-

Cory Chase is eating Alexa Payne’s pussy out while Luke Longly is fucking Cory from behind. A few minutes later, Alexa lies down on her back and Luke starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position while she moans. Cory lies down next to Alexa and Luke starts to fuck her pussy while Alexa sucks on her step-sister’s nipples. He fucks Cory in the doggystyle position and then he fucks Alexa the same way right after. Cory lies down on her back again and he fucks her in the missionary position once more. He fucks Alexa’s pussy the same way until he gets close to cumming. Then he pulls his cock out of her pussy and he jerks his cock off into her mouth! She kisses Cory and the two MILF’s happily share Luke’s cum.

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Cory Chase, Alexa Payne – Free Use Step Mom Moved In Parts 2-4 HD 1080p


Moving Up-

Alexa Payne asks Cory Chase if she can stay in the main house instead of the guest house, because she really loves the house! Cory tells her that if she gets pregnant then she can stay in the main house. They call Luke Longly’s name and he comes rushing to the guest house to see what’s going on. Cory suggests that Luke cum deep inside of her step-sister’s pussy to try and get her pregnant. Luke is ready for the task! Luke takes off his pants and he lies down on the bed. Alexa and Cory climb on the bed next to him and they both start to suck his cock. He fucks Alexa in the doggystyle position while she is eating Cory’s pussy out at the same time. When he is ready to cum, he explodes deep inside of Alexa’s pussy…

Stuck Looking for MILF Glue-

Cory and Alexa are in search of the MILF glue! They walk through the upstairs hallway until they reach one of the guest bedrooms. Alexa crawls underneath the Queen sized bed and she reaches her arm under the bed, in search of the MILF glue! ‘I think I’m stuck under here,’ Alexa says a few moments later. Cory tries to pull Alexa out but she isn’t strong enough to get her out. She calls for Luke to come up and help her pull her step-sister out. Luke comes running up the stairs, and he decides to fuck Alexa’s pussy to try and suction cup her out! He fucks her for a few minutes until she manages to get unstuck!

Creampies for Rent-

She did find the MILF glue under the bed, so now they are ready to use it. Cory pours some MILF glue on Alexa’s pussy, and then Luke shoves his cock deep inside of Alexa. Cory and Alexa both move into the doggystyle position next to one another, so Luke can go back and forth between the two of them. Then, Cory climbs on top of Luke and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position. Cory and Alexa switch places and Alexa bounces up and down on Luke’s hard cock next. He fucks her pussy until he’s ready to cum, and then he creampie’s her pussy…! The three of them watch as his cum drips out of her pussy and down her ass hole.

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Cory Chase, Alexa Payne – BBC Bully Vol 1 HD 720p


BBC Debt Collector-

A dark skinned man, Dre Strong is at the front door. ‘I’ve come to collect a debt for my step-son,’ he begins to tell her. Cory Chase doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but she invites him inside and they sit down next to each other on the couch. ‘Well Jonathon, as long as your step-son stops bullying my step-son, then I think the two of us could have some fun together,’ she giggles. She reaches down and she pulls his BBC out from his pants, and she gasps when she sees how large his cock is. Cory suddenly has an idea! She calls her step-sister, Alexa, into the room, and she asks Alexa Payne, her step-sister, if she wants to fuck Jonathon’s BBC to pay the debt on her behalf. Alexa happily agrees and she pulls her clothing off before she gives him a blowjob. Then she climbs on top of him and she rides his BBC in the cowgirl position. Cory is watching them fuck and she gasps as he slides his BBC into her step-sister’s pussy. Alexa lies down on the couch and Jonathon eats her pussy out and fingers her pussy at the same time. Once her pussy is soaking wet, he sticks his BBC deep inside of her. He keeps fucking her pussy in the missionary position while Cory watches them. Alexa climbs on top of Jonathon and she rides his huge cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Her moans grow louder and louder, until Cory suddenly stops them… ‘My husband should be home soon!’ she exclaims. ‘Let’s move this to the bedroom…’

Let’s Take This To The Bedroom-

‘We should be okay in here,’ Cory tells Alexa and Jonathon. All three of them jump onto the bed and Cory helps Jonathon put his BBC into Alexa’s pussy while she’s in the doggystyle position. ‘Thank you so much for doing this for me!’ Cory tells Alexa while she’s getting fucked from behind. ‘Anything for my step-sister,’ Alexa replies. Alexa flips over onto her back and Jonathon fucks her pussy in the missionary position now. He fucks her fast at first and then he fucks her nice and slow, until he’s ready to cum. Then, he jerks his cock off into her mouth and she swallows it all! A little bit of cum drips down onto her tits, and Cory wipes it with her finger before she licks her finger clean…

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Alexa Payne, Nika Venom – College is not About Studying HD 1080p

Alexa is excited because her college friend, Nika, is coming to visit her for the weekend. Her stepson, Connor, is just trying to study for his finals, but his stepmom and her friend keep interrupting him with sexual insinuations. It turns out that when Alexa is with Nika, something inside of her changes and becomes someone else: from a gentle stepmother to a sexy milf that craves cock. Connor won’t be able to study much while Nika and Alexa are together, trying to remember her wild college days by doing stuff with him. – pov stepmom threesome incest roleplay

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Alexa Payne – Stepmom Gets My Dick While Shes Sexting – S8:E2 HD 1080p

Alexa Payne is on the phone talking dirty to her husband when her stepson, Jason, comes into her room. When he realizes that she’s winding up to some sex talk, he decides to get in on that action. Even as Alexa shushes Jason with a finger to her lips, he wanders closer and squeezes those big boobies before sliding his hand lower.

As Alexa continues to do her best to talk dirty to her hubby, Jason relieves her of her shorts. He finds her bald coochie nice and wet, perfectly ready to be fucked. Without further ado, he slides home and sinks balls deep into that creamy snatch.

Knowing she can be as loud as she wants since her hubby has her fully engaged in phone sex, Alexa rolls onto her back, letting Jason hang on tight to her big bootay as he pounds er in doggy. He puts her on her back so he can sink back into that hot coochie for a few more strokes. When Jason is ready to pop, Alexa opens wide for a salty treat that leaves her licking her lips with a smile.

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Melanie Hicks, Alexa Payne – Free Use Step Mom Vol 1 (PART 2-4)

House Rules-

Melanie Hicks starts to explain the house rules to her step-sister, Alexa Payne. She explains how Luke Longly is in charge of everybody, and Cory is second in charge. She also explains how this is a free use household, which means that they are allowed to be sexual with each other whenever they want. Alexa agrees to the rules, and then Melanie goes looking for Cory so she can introduce her step-sister to Cory. Melanie ends up running into Luke first, so she brings Luke into the guest house to introduce Luke to Alexa. Alexa spreads her legs for Luke, revealing her freshly shaved pussy. Luke rubs her clit with his fingers to get her pussy warmed up. Alexa starts to give Luke a blowjob next. Then, Alexa lies down on her back and Luke fucks her pussy in the missionary position. Melanie sucks on Alexa’s nipples while Luke fucks her. Alexa flips over into the doggystyle position next and Luke fucks her pussy from behind, while Melanie watches. Melanie bends over into the doggystyle position next and Luke fucks her pussy next. Melanie flips over onto her back and Luke fucks her pussy while Alexa watches this time…

Rent is Due-

Luke calls Alexa into his bedroom to ask her a question. She is wearing a hot pink dress and she is very confused. Luke reminds her that the #1 rule in this house is that she is supposed to be naked at all times. Alexa strips out of her pink dress, as she talks with Luke, but he has another idea… He pulls his cock out from under his pants and Alexa starts to give him a blowjob. Once his cock is hard, she climbs on top of him and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position. Alexa flips over and Luke fucks her pussy in the doggystyle position this time. Her big ass bounces up and down with every thrust. Once they are finished, Alexa runs off to tell Melanie that she just speak with Luke

Planting a Seed-

Melanie and Alexa are sitting down next to each other, naked in bed. Melanie tells Alexa that Luke wants to ‘plant his seed’ inside of her. Alexa is a bit nervous at first, because she isn’t on birth control pills. But she finally agrees to get pregnant! They call Luke into the room, and Melanie explains to Luke that Alexa has agreed to all of the terms and conditions to stay here. Melanie and Alexa start to kiss each other, and then they give Luke a double blowjob to get his cock nice and hard. Alexa climbs on top of Luke’s cock and she starts to ride him in the cowgirl position while Melanie licks her nipples. Melanie and Alexa switch places and Melanie starts to ride Luke’s cock with her pussy next. Melanie and Alexa both get into the doggystyle position, next to each other, so Luke can fuck both of their pussy’s from behind. When he is ready to cum, he explodes inside of Alexa’s pussy! Then, they watch some of the cum drip out of her…

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Cory Chase, Alexa Payne – After Workout Shower HD 720p

MILF Sisters Lesbian Incest

Cory Chase and her step-sister, Alexa Payne, have just finished a sweaty workout! They are now in the shower, washing off together. As the waterfalls all over their bodies, Cory takes her fingers and she rubs Alexa’s clit. Cory pours some body wash into her hands and then she rubs the body wash all over Alexa’s big tits. Cory rubs more body wash on Alexa’s big ass, and then they watch the water wash the soap away. Once the soap is off of her tits, Cory leans down and she licks and sucks on Alexa’s nipples. Alexa grabs the bottle of body wash and she pours the soap all over Cory’s tits this time. Alexa takes her fingers and she rubs Cory’s clit this time. Then, Alexa pours body wash all over Cory’s ass. Alexa takes her hands and she rubs the soap all over Cory’s ass. Cory shakes her ass under the stream of water, and she rinses all of the soap off. Cory and her step-sister grab their towels and they dry their bodies off…

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