2much4you – ‘POV extreme taboo fantasy: Step-Son, you are not supposed to get a boner when you see me in the shower, I have been dreaming about your hot cock, but don’t cum inside me, that would be wrong’

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, Brunette, POV Sex, Amateur,

Oh boy! Go use the other toilet, I am in the shower! You are not supposed to see your step-mother naked like this. I don’t care if your step-sister is in the other toilet, go! She’s probably finished already.

What is that? Is your penis so hard because of me? Yes I know that you can’t pee with a boner like that, but you are not supposed to be sexually aroused by your own step-mother anyway. Do you really have feelings like this? How do I.. uhm.. oh it’s so big. I can’t stop looking at it. Yes of course it’s doing something to me, too. I am a woman after all and your cock is … well I am getting a little hot and wet between my legs. You should go and have fun with girls your own age, not arouse your step-mother in the shower. What? Well because it’s WRONG. I don’t know, it’s just wrong! I know that it’s my fault that you can’t pee now.

What? It hurts? Where? I don’t want my boy to be hurting. I never heard of too much urine pressure. Could your bladder burst? I think I have to help you now to make sure that you can pee, but I just don’t think it’s right. True, I have been thinking about it. You are a handsome boy and I have needs as well. You have a big, beautiful, manly cock. It’s literally screaming that it wants to go into my mouth.

Please don’t be mad at me for doing this. You know that I love you a lot, right? Doing this is wrong. I should teach you right from wrong. I shouldn’t do this. But uhm.. oh, it feels even better than in my dreams. Oh boy, we shouldn’t. But we can’t help it, right?

I have to help you with your boner, so you can pee again. It’s not our fault. It’s natures fault for doing this to us. Oh boy, it’s huge. Hmm, your penis tastes so good. I am your step-mother. You can never talk to anybody about this. You are my step-son. Nobody can know. It’s not your fault – I have been dreaming about this for so long. It’s all my fault boy, it’s all my fault *hmm* the way your body has become so adult and you have been growing bigger and bigger.. it’s not only your cock but I have been dreaming about your cock mostly. Also your muscles, your arms, your entire body. You are the perfect kind of man to look at and to make love to..

Your cock is so hard. It feels so.. uhm.. oh but, it’s so wrong what we are doing here. Uh, uh *moaning* I can taste your cum already.. oh yes, oh yes.. ohh.. oh boy. That was a big load of cum. Oh honey…

Why is it still this hard boy? You should be able to go to the toilet now. Relax now, make your cock go back to a normal state now. Uhm, it’s really not working, right? Oh you have to come into the shower with me, we have to wash all this dirtyness away from our bodies. We have to wash ourselves very thoroughly.

Then we just forget about it. Nothing ever happened. Why didn’t you stop me? Now come on, wash your penis. It’s dirty. Wash it off. Oh, even now? I am trying not to let myself.. I am trying. But I can’t stop touching your dick and stroking you in the tub. I know it’s wrong but.. we are sitting here in the bathtub together and you are still so hard after your cumshot. This would be such a nice moment.. exactly the way I have been dreaming… touching each other.. playing with your cock. We could just forget about the fact that I am your step-mother and you are my step-son.. just for a few minutes.

It’s just.. your cock and a sexy young woman like me, having some hot fun. You feel it too, right? You can’t deny what you feel. You just have to tap into the feelings. I can’t stop touching you. It just feels so good. Now that I have tasted you.. I want to taste you again. uhm.. *sucking* oh this is so forbidden.. *moaning*

But.. uhm.. I can’t control myself anymore. *sucking deeply* *moaning* oh boy, it’s really better than in my dreams. Your cock is so big.. and the way you are looking at me.. I know you have been wanting this too, am I right? Have you secretly dreamed about me? Have you fantasized about this moment? Where I wash your cock with my mouth?

You have a very very dirty cock. I have to wash it.. and wash it… and wash it… and clean every inch of it. Because it’s soooooo dirty *moan* *sucking a lot* In your fantasies boy *whispering* did you.. penetrate me? *moaning, sucking and stroking* I have to admit.. I have had a few orgasms thinking about you.. your cock inside my pussy. *sucking and stroking more* the way you just sprayed that cum over my tits and my skin.. I am just.. I am so horny now. Don’t cum yet. Oh, I can taste your cum. I don’t want you to cum yet. I still have to fuck you. Oh boy, oh *you cum again on my chin*, I said I still! Oh my cute boy. It’s okay. It’s alright. You are my boy. We can do it some other time. I just love the taste of your.. cock.

Oh your cock is still so hard.. are you thinking what I am thinking? Are you still in the mood for this? It’s so wrong what we’re doing.. it’s so wrong but it feels so good. Would you let me sit on your cock with my open pussy lips?

You know that it’s wrong, right? Oh.. I can’t help myself. I am going to fuck my own step-son. And I can’t stop myself. I have to do this.. because it feels SOO good. *more sucking*

Oh boy.. we are really going to do this.. watch.. watch it.. *moaning* *close to you, whispering* I just …touched your cock with my vagina.. oh boy this is so wrong.. a step-mother fucking her own step-son… *sliding it in very slowly* I am going to .. *OHHH moaning loudly*.. it’s so big *moaning more loudly* oh, oh *going up and down* *it’s veeerrryyyy tight and slow* oh yes, touch me, make me… make me feel that you want this too!

*close, whispering* oh I know you want it. I know it’s wrong what I am doing to you.. oh but it feels so good. Oh, oh yes, oh, oooohhhhh I am going to cum… OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh boy no!! nono!!! you can’t cum inside of me. Oh we have to… we have to take it out now…. just take it out boy! Oh god, Just.. just take it out *AHHH*

*your cock is already shooting it’s load when it pops out of the soaped vagina of your step-mother* oh boy that felt so amazing. Have you ever had an orgasm like that? Oh that felt so amazing… you have to grab a towel now… come on boy. Your cock is finally relaxing.. you can finally go, have a pee.

Thank you, thank you my step-son. Grab the towel now and leave the bathroom. No one can ever know about this. This NEVER happened. Your cock is relaxed so you can pee.. go boy, go now..
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2much4you – ‘Taboo POV: Step-Mommy wakes you.. OHH, you got a huge boner, I didn’t realize I forgot to wear panties, I am sorry.. but I am your step-mother, let me help you with that’

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, Brunette, POV Sex, Amateur, CUMSHOTS, BLOW JOBS

Hello boy, it’s time to wake up. You have to go to your weekend job today, it’s the first time! Let me pull that blanket.. UHH!! You have a huge boner under that blanket. What? Oh! I didn’t realize that I wasn’t wearing any underwear myself. I am sorry.

I can’t take my eyes off of your stiff penis. To be honest, I have been dreaming about this moment.. I know it’s wrong, but as your step-mother, I am supposed to help you in situations like this, right? Especially since it seems to be my fault..

My breasts? Oh this is so wrong boy. It’s so wrong.. but it feels so good..I think I could let you touch them.. just a little. I just.. I don’t want us to go too far, do you know what I mean? Just a quick touch, then it’s time for your morning shower and you go to work. Promise me that you’ll just quickly touch them and that’s it!

Okay then. Uh.. I.. your dick is pushing against my belly.. sorry step-son, but this is such a good feeling.. I know that I am not supposed to let you do this… but I am also not supposed to wal around naked in your room. That was my mistake.. this is so wrong. I am your step-mother, I should teach you what’s right and what’s wrong in this world. Maybe I should just teach you what NOT to do. For example, you should NOT let your step-mother touch your penis like THIS *sliding down and licking your dick head*

However, if you allow your step-mother to do this, you are just as wrong as she is, my boy. Let’s try again *taking cock in mouth* boy! What did I just tell you?! You should never ever allow your step-mother to do THIS *breasts against dick*.. oh boy. You didn’t learn a thing.. I guess I.. should punish you *step-mom takes off her gown and kneels over you completely naked.. a spectacular sight.. she bends like a cat and takes it into her mouth, ass up behind*

It’s so big, I easily gag on it. Boy boy, I can understand that you are having trouble with right and wrong. You can’t think straight. All your lifejuice is in your dick, nothing is in your head. We need to take care of this boner. Let ME take care of it.. it is so wrong, but I will do it. As long as you are allowing it, it’s your fault as well. Just watch. You can’t go to your work with an erection like this. Let me fuck you now *sitting on your cock, rubbing against it* you are such a tease and this is your punishment *puts stiff cock in her vagina slowly and deeply without hesitation, not using a condom*

Oh boy, it soo big!!! You can never tell anyone. It’s your fault too. And you know it, you know it! You can’t come inside of me, I am not using any protection! *moans* It’s so not allowed what we are doing here.. *continues*.. oh I have to take it out and back into my mouth. BOY! This tastes like sperm. I TOLD you, you couldn’t lose any inside my vagina!

Oh boy, you are a bad boy. This is wrong. You love the way my hot mouth feels around your dick, right? I know. We can’t help ourselves. It just feels too good. Oh you are so huge and young, I just want to feel the sperm coming out and spray all over my tits. Spray your load onto your step-mother. Let that sperm cum out!

Ohhh.. it’s just running out, I said I want it on my tits! I’ll just rub my tits with your stiff, thick stick. You don’t mind if I taste it right? Oh, it’s tasty..

So, I am going to take a shower now. And when I come back into this room, YOU, dirty boy, cleaned all of this up. Like it never happened. Understood? Wink
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2much4you – ‘POV Taboo seduction: I am a bad step-mommy, but you are a very good step-son’

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, Brunette, POV, Amateur

Oh my boy, I don’t like to see you sad like this. You have such a beautiful face when you smile, could you give me a smile? Oh no, don’t cry. You are making ME cry. That girl is just stupid for letting you go. You deserve better than her anyways..

You are such an intelligent and attractive young man. You don’t have to feel bad about this. Every girl, every woman wants you. I know it for sure because I feel it.. I mean.. uhm.. this is kinda embarrassing, but when I am with you my heart beats faster, I sweat and I shiver.. and when I think about you two and what you might have been doing…

Oh no, I didn’t mean to remind you of her. She didn’t deserve you and yet she would.. touch your skin.. take off your clothes.. just like that… you have such a beautiful body.. so strong and manly. You really have grown up.

Don’t cry, come here. I’ll hold you. I just want you to know that I am there for you. Come and cuddle against my chest. Oh it feels so good to have you this close to me… I love you so much..

She really didn’t deserve you. You will find somebody better.. somebody who knows how to give you a true loving kiss…. how to touch your body with love and tenderness… to touch your chest right.. here. To give you soft, sweet kisses on your belly like this *step-mom kisses your belly* oh I just love you. I just feel this.. special spark between us.

As your step-mother I have this strong connection to you. I can see that you feel it, too. *Step-Mom kisses your body passionately, then reveals your stiff penis under the blanket*

Oh I knew that you were feeling it, too.. *She sucks your cock right away, with joy, moaning and knowing what to do*

Oh boy, I have been dreaming about this for such a long time.. oh my boy.. *gently strokes your cock* *has unveiled her breasts*.. now, as your step-mother, I am supposed to teach you.. but I don’t know everything either. The difference between wrong and right is not always clear. But this feels right to me and it’s important to always follow your own heart…

Mom comes close and your naked bodies touch… Your step-mom looks you in the eye from an inch away and says 2I want you inside of me” with an almost begging tone in her voice.

She goes back, takes off her blouse, takes of her string thong and is naked before you. She kneels and sucks your cock, then she says “I’ll show you what real love is.. cuz I am in love with you my step-son.. I am in love with you and I know you feel it, too” and then she just sits on your huge dick head and lets it slide in. No condom. No warning. You just watch and let step-mom fuck you.

She loves it “Oh boy, it’s going in so deep, but you can’t make me pregnant.. you have to give me a sign so we can stop before you cum inside of me” and a little raunchy: “Show me how much you love your step-mommy… step-mommy wants it hard and deep boy.. oh yes, I am a bad step-mommy… you are a very good step-son…”

After a huge cumshot, step-mom is totally covered in your semen when she says “Now that we found each other, maybe I can visit you more often in your room.. there is nothing to be ashamed of..”
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